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Q : Who We Are ?
A : We are Manufacturer of Enamelware, plasticware, and stoves
Q : Why buy from us ?
A : We offer wide range of kitchenware products with high quality and competitive price.
Q : How do we treat our customer ?
A : We do not differentiate our customers. We treat every customer equally and all customers are our highest priority.
Q : How long will the merchandise be shipped ?
A : We usually require 30 - 60 days signed documents. This generally depend upon availability of products
Q : What is the payment term ?
A : We usually require LC at sight or by T/T
Q : Price of our products ?
A : Price list can be obtained by submitting the inquiry form or email to our Sales Dept. Normally, Price is quoted as FOB Medan-Belawan unless as stated or depending upon customers' request.
Q : Where do we market our products ?
A : We sell to over 20 countries and continue growing every year.
Q : Why choose Enamelware over stainless steel products ?
A : Based on study and research by scientists, Enamel Frit chemical composition, which coated the rolled steel sheet in coil, does not contain any harmful material and is claimed safe to be used for household.
Q : Instructions for care of Enamelware
A : For maximum benefit and long-life from your enamel cookware, the following instructions should be followed:
1. Handle this ccokware with care
2. Do not subject to knocks and shocks
3. Do not heat when empty
4. Do not cook under excessive heat
5. Clean using standard dish mop,dish brush,or pad. Dishwasher safe
6. Do not harsh abrasive, which could damage the enamel surface
Q : Why choose Plasticsware over Melamineware products ?
A : Few main reasons out of hundreds even thousands reason:
1. Plastic help the environment and save energy and fuel
2. Use of plastics reduce green house emissions and conserves energy
3. Plastics manufacture is energy efficient compared to other sectors
4. In most applications,Plastic ware are 14 times lighter than glass
5. Best of all,It can be Recycle and Reuse
Q : Instructions for care of Plasticware
A : For maximum benefit and long-life from your plasticware, the following instructions should be followed:
1. Handle this plasticware with care
2. Do not heat under direct flame
3. Dishwasher and Microwave safe
4. Soak the plasticware using cold or warm water
5. Clean using standard a dish mop,dish brush, or pad
6. Do not use harsh abrasives,which could damage the plastic surface
7. Please replace your plasticware if broken or tear to ensure your safety
8. Please dispose your plasticware in proper place.Sort by"material code" if possible